Monadnock Rod and Gun Club using neighbors' land as range, judge rules


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May 8, 2011
Judge David Anderson recently ruled against the club in its lawsuit filed against Scott and Bridgette Perry, neighbors of the club who argued successfully that the club is using their land for its firearms range. Neither Ken Caisse, the club’s board chairman, nor Penny Dean, the club’s attorney in the case, wanted to comment on the matter as the case is still pending. A damages hearing is set for November and significant penalties could be imposed on the club if it makes any alterations to the Perry property. It’s unclear what will happen at the resolution-of-the-damages portion of the case. If the club is forced to relocate the firearms range, it may be blocked from setting up a new range under Peterborough’s latest zoning ordinance concerning gun ranges.
Monadnock Rod and Gun Club using neighbors' land as range, judge rules


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Jan 14, 2011
Back from Motherland
Are they using their land?
I'm not up to speed on everything, but there are several issues being fought over, please, someone correct me if I am wrong.

1. Club's range went over to neighbor's land, neighbors just started to bitch and club was claiming that land ownership by "adverse posession" since no one said anything since 50s.

2. Town's vote to ban new firearms ranges, which was sneak in on vote as "clarification" but in reality would ban any modifications to existing ranges.

3. Wetlands bullshit. Someone pissed on a spotted toad.

I'm really hoping that people are not giving up on this. For f***'s sake, it's NH! I thought that MA was last retreated, however we are giving up rooms in Alamo. The town has a hard on for the club searching their property for violations on a fishing expedition.

If there were some issues, there is no way town and Perry family should leverage that crap into banning the only gun range in Peterborough. Even if club f***ed up, we must still stand with the club. Spotted owl can be unpissed, Perry's can have that piece of land back, even if range is pushed back or reduced in length.

This is a matter of principle now. We got to support the club, other clubs in good times and bad. It's not about alleged violations, but a push onto fundamental right by libtard scum. We keep yielding ground. We should not.
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