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Apr 30, 2005
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A year or so ago I bought a VM-2 for an S&W 99 Compact .40. It was the most comfortable IWB holster I have ever worn. However, I eventually sold the S&W and when I did not get a good package deal on the gun and holster I sold the gun and kept the holster. I tried other semi autos in the VM-2, but they did not fit. I tossed the holster into my large holster drawer and kind of forgot about it. This morning on a whim I tried it on my S&W 649 Bodyguard .357. Perfect fit! I am thrilled. In fact I am wearing it as I type this. Very secure hold on the gun, but easy draw and of course extremely comfortable. It holds very tight to the body at 4:00 and conceals well even under an untucked t-shirt. The 649 is probably my favorite carry gun and this mode of carry is quite good.
Dan, nobody really stocks Milt Sparks holsters (except the SS2 for 1911 and Glocks, by Brownells). One or two others take orders but charge a very hefty premium over MS' own prices.

I had to order my SS2 for the P99 direct and am waiting (quoted 10-16 weeks). It's well worth it . . . I bought the SS2 for the 1911 and it is the best holster I've ever worn, hands down.

MS builds each one to order. I've had some correspondence with them and they are modifying the design of the SS2 for the P99 for me, based on my comments regarding the 1911 version. No additional charge.
$20 premium on an $75 holster is not what I call "slight premium". Besides which I'm willing to bet that they don't stock the P99 variant.

NOTE: If you need it for the 1911 or Glocks, Brownells sells them cheaper than direct from Milt Sparks with ~5 day turn-around. If you have a C&R FFL, the price is even better from Brownells ($65.00).
I also bought a VMII from Lightning Arms. They had one in stock for a SIG 239 in .357; the delivery from Milt Sparks was 6 to 8 weeks. It was worth the extra $20 to get it in 3 days. Not only was it in stock, but they had it for left and right.
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