Midrange prone match at Reading this Sunday


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Aug 8, 2009
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This Sunday (5/17) I'll be running a MRP match at Reading Rifle and Revolver in Reading, MA. All safe* shooters with the proper gear are welcome to shoot, including scoped rifle shooters. (Scoped rifles can't "win" but it's not like we have any prizes anyway.) F and F-TR shooters are also welcome but you'll be shooting on standard targets.

This match will be unlimited sighters and 20 shots for record in a block time of 26 minutes per yard line. We will fire from 300, 500, and 600 yards on standard NRA targets. (MR-63, MR-65, and MR-1 respectively.)

First shots will go downrange promptly at 9:00am, please arrive at least 30 min prior for squadding. Late arrivals may not be squadded. Squadding will take place in the clubhouse.

Unlike in previous years, target pullers will not be provided or arranged for by the match director. (Sorry, I have better things to do than to chase down pullers.) Bring your own puller if you need one or be prepared to pull targets yourself.

While we will be following NRA rules in spirit, this is NOT an NRA registered match. Scores will NOT be submitted to the NRA but they will be posted on readinghighpower.com.

Here's the "official" match bulletin: http://readinghighpower.com/2015 Match Bulletins/RRR mid range 2015.pdf

*Special safety rules, in addition to the basic safety rules and standard NRA rules, that will be enforced:
  • Reading Rifle and Revolver has a STRICT "muzzle down when closing the bolt" policy. Muzzles MUST be pointed at or below the target line when closing the bolt on any type of rifle. Once the bolt is closed you can elevate the with your finger OFF the trigger to facilitate getting into position. Failure to follow this rule will result in immediate disqualification.
  • If you're a new or inexperienced shooter please arrive with at least a solid 100 or 200 yard zero (at a minimum) and know your calculated come-ups for 300, 500, and 600 yards well enough to keep you on the paper as we move back. Due to safety concerns we will unfortunately have to immediately DQ anyone who can't find the paper at any yard line. New or inexperienced shooters are asked to please give the match director a heads-up during squadding.
  • No 55 or 62 grain .223 ammo, or anything lighter, is to be used at 500 or 600 yards.
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First match is in the books. Next MRP match will be held on June 7th.
Would have loved to come down and shoot that match Jason but we had 37 sea cadets we had to herd around the Leveridge Range both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Nice group of kids ( 14 - 18 yrs old ) but we had out hands full all weekend with them.


The berm in front of the targets is well aerated
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