Meanwhile, at the NRA...

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Jan 27, 2015
Merrimack Valley

"During his first day on the witness stand in a closely watched bankruptcy trial, National Rifle Association chief Wayne LaPierre conceded Wednesday that he made a “mistake” by not disclosing his voyages on a Hollywood producer’s yacht on conflict-of-interest forms. The gun-group honcho also acknowledged on Thursday that he was disciplined for receiving “excess benefits.”

On the first day of his testimony, LaPierre faced questioning about his excursions on two yachts, the Illusions and the Grand Illusions; all-expense-paid hunting trips in Botswana and other exotic locales for him and his wife; a shopping spree at a Beverly Hills Zegna for Italian suits that ran close to $300,000.

More tales of high-living abounded on LaPierre’s second day of testimony, as the NRA chief admitted flying exclusively on private charter flights for years and even picking up his niece on the NRA’s dime. LaPierre claimed not to know about tens of thousands of dollars in expenditures to his wife’s hair stylist, which was referred to during opening statements as a “glam squad”"

Thats a lot of lifetime memberships...
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