Massachusetts live shooting handguns and tactical carbine classes?

Apr 2, 2008
Boston, Assachusetts
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Do we have this type of classes in this state? I don't want to pay 500 to 800 to take those classes from those guys from magpul and traveling to other states. But do we have any good local instructor who is hosting to teach those type of classes?[rolleyes] If you do, please give me the link.
Thank you
Check the training forum, there are several depending on your location. Sig Academy in NH is also excellent, and less traffic getting there, that's a big plus for me on the North Shore.
Tactical Dynamics offers a variety of live fire classes in Foxboro, MA and in Rhode Island. Sig Academy in Epping, NH and NE Shooters in Pelham, NH have great classes as well. I have been very happy with classes from all three.
I've heard nothing but great reviews from Cloverleaf firearms group.

+1, Stu is a great instructor.

Thanks dudes. I'm not a high speed operator or anything, but I bust my ass to make sure that I make you a better shooter one way or another.

Hopefully I'll see you in a class sometime Vietboy. :)
Sig Academy in Epping, NH has a large assortment of classes. Good price and Great instructors. We are fortunate to have this right in our backyard.
Masaad Ayoub's Lethal Force Institute used to conduct classes in the NE from time to time. check their website.
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