Massachusetts GOAL Affiliated Clubs Looking to Open


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Nov 21, 2007
Massachusetts GOAL Affiliated Clubs Looking to Open

For some weeks now many club officials have approached GOAL for advice on the operation of their ranges. With great respect for the health crisis that we are all going through, we should be allowed to adapt and operate under the “new normal”. It is now apparent that the COVID-19 precautions may go on for an indefinite amount of time. As a result, GOAL has drafted a letter for our affiliated clubs to utilize should they choose.

Let us make it very clear that this should not be taken as an encouragement to open your ranges. Such decisions must be very carefully made by the official leaders of every club. Any decision should be made with the utmost respect for the COVID-19 virus problem.

If your club chooses to utilize the form letter we have drafted, please enter the pertinent information in the highlighted areas. Should you choose to notify your town, the letter should be sent to the local Board of Health as they seem to be handling most of these issues.

Should your club choose to utilize the letter and open your ranges using the COVID-19 precautions, please keep GOAL informed on your progress. If your club receives any push back from any government authority, please inform us of that as well.

Click here to print download the form letter: Essential Club Letter for Massachusetts GOAL Affiliated Clubs - GOAL.ORG
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