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Mass Gun Laws By and For Non-Lawyers Seminar - Sun., October 17, 2021

Len-2A Training

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Mass. Gun Laws By and For Non-Lawyers
(How To Stay Legal and Out of Trouble)

NOTE: We are back teaching at Londonderry Fish & Game Club, Londonderry, NH.

A ~7 hour exploration of Massachusetts gun laws including time for your questions and answers.
  • Exposing the rumors and presenting the facts.
  • The Lawful use of Lethal Force for Self Defense.
  • Safe & Legal Storage, Carry, “Forbidden Places," and Transportation Legalities.
  • Buying, Selling, Transferring, Shipping, and Inheritance of firearms.
  • FA-10 Forms and Filing Issues.
  • Understanding "Large Capacity" and "Assault Weapons" Law.
  • Discussion of "gray areas", case law, LE "thinking", etc.
  • Non-Resident Visitor Issues, Dual Residency, Ammo Storage.
  • Loss of License, Restraining Orders, Bonded Warehouses.Boston Laws, Interstate Transportation, and lots more....
  • The Gun Law changes from Aug 2014 are also discussed.
  • AG's Current "Interpretation" of the AWB will be discussed
  • Bump Fire Ban Law
  • ERPO & Stun Gun Law
$125.00 per person. PRE-REGISTRATION and a $25.00 non-refundable deposit are required.

http://2atraining.weebly.com/ is where you can find the class dates/times each month and you can sign up for it by sending me an Email (NOT PM) from my website https://2atraining.weebly.com/contact.html. Pre-paid registration is required for this seminar.

NOTE: This is NOT the same as the legal requirements to get an LTC/FID. It is material you need to know to avoid unknowingly violating state laws and perhaps losing your LTC or going to jail, how to claim inherited guns (including handguns that aren't MA compliant) without "losing" them due to the EOPS List and AG Regs, the impact of new laws and lawsuits by Comm2A, etc.!

October 2021 DATE:

Location: Londonderry F&G (directions and details at Maps & Directions. Note: We've moved operations to NH.
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