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MANTICORE ARMS INC. MSAR STG-556 Charging Handle and scope base

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Feb 5, 2008
Shelton, CT
Recently I purchased a few items from Manticore Arms for my MSAR STG-556. I purchase the Raptor Charging Handle and the Talon 30mm Scope base with the dovetail rings.
First off I want to say what a pleasure it was to deal directly with Manticore, and the staff, the website is user friendly and my order was shipped out same day.
I received the parts within two days of placing my order. Once I received them I quickly perused the directions and went right to it. The charging handle came with a roll pin and the directions are very straight forward. If you are a visual guy as most of us are, there is a “how to” video on YouTube, but it is very easy job to do.
After installing handle I worked it a few times and was very happy with the feel and function of the handle. You can operate it either over handed or underhanded, and you can get more than one finger on it, and you will no longer drag your knuckles across your rings or optics. This is an excellent addition to the MSAR STG-platform, and for price it is by far one of the cheapest you can do.
The Talon Scope base is a nice piece of work as well, I found it to be little expensive, but it is milled from a solid piece of aluminum, and the anodized black coating is a nice smooth professional finish without any tool marks. The scope rail mounts very solid as well; it has channels both front and rear to align the mount to the rifle, the mounting hardware is rock solid. Follow the directions and you will not be unhappy. I put a set of Ruger 10/22 iron sights in the dovetails and they work very well. The hight of the scope itself was spot on for me; I place my cheek on the rifle and looked directly into the center of the scope. For now I am using an old BSA zero magnification red dot (BZ30B) and it works well, in the future I may upgrade to an Ultra-dot. The only regret I have is that I did not buy the brass deflector when I purchased the other items.
Check out the site and see for yourself. Manticore Arms Inc
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