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Man Accidentally Kills Self Practicing Cowboy Action Shootin

Mark, I came across this.


There's a little more information.

As a Cowboy Action Shooter, this worries me. But it sounds like he was shooting Gunfighter Style. Mabye let go of one of the pistols, it dropped out of his hand. He still had is finger in the trigger guard, spun around and it was pointed at him because of the weight. Mabye lightend up the trigger for compitition and it went bang.

I wonder if it was a Colt or Colt Clone or a Ruger with the transfer bar.

It would be interesting to know.
mark056 said:

I suppose some will want to ban peanut butter next. :?

Well, I don't think that banning PB is necessary; I think that a requiring an LTE (License to Eat) is in order, though, with a background check.

OK, seriously, I think that someone needs to scare the @$%^ out of the obnoxious little snot who shoved the cracker in her face, though. Preferably the biggest, meanest-looking cop on the Ocala force. Take him into the cell block and explain to him that if that little girl had died, he could have been in there charged with murder. Or manslaughter.

Little brat REALLY needs a wakeup call...
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