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Maga arms


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Apr 20, 2008
Southeastern MA.
Mt friend and I stopped at the Mill Saturday on the way back from a competition in Nashua, first time there. Good thing we saw a guy in the parking lot to ask where to go. Walked around in there trying not to get lost. Ended up in Maga arms. looking around saw a couple guys buying pistols, inquired about a particular model which he had, when i asked what they ran meaning $$$ got a funny look from Sherif then he explained my phrase and his interpretation of it. Had a lot of laughs while filling out the paper work to take my new purchase home , my buddy bought something too. There is a part of me that wishes I didn't stop there. Return trips will be tough on the wallet.
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Jul 10, 2016
Hidden rebel base
I’m 100% sympathetic to these dealers situations because if they don’t have guns they don’t make money. However if I send a simple email asking about specific inventory to avoid a long ride up “just to look” then I don’t need an attitude email back. All I am is a repeat customer looking to buy something they may have.
I know you have a long ride there and I don’t blame you for calling and seeing what he had in stock. But It seems like you’re asking him what models of Glock and ar10 lowers he has in stock. There’s probably 500 models of each kind, just saying Glock or AR10 isnt being specific at all. Did you ask him for a specific model like a Glock 19 or specific manufacture of an AR10 lower? Maybe the guy was having a bad day But I’ll take a dealer at the mill having a bad day over a trip to the deli counter any day. Ask The deli counter what model Glocks frames they have in stock.😂
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