Made my first C & R purchase today

Great gun and a blast to shoot. Just remember to clean up accordingly if you're shooting old surplus ammo thats likely corrosive. I recomend new production like Wolf Gold, or S&B. And always check sites like for disasembly info.
If I weren't squandering so much money on guns

I might buy a digital camera to post pictures...


My CZ52 looks like all the rest of them anyway.

My next acquisition I think is going to be a 1895 Nagant. I know it is of no good use. I just want one.

The next worthless piece of junk is going to be a Webley.

This C & R is a hoot! I love it!

Please, everyone should get a C & R.

It opens up a whole new world, especially to us pitiful creatures in MA.

It makes me happy.

Thanks for the replys.
Range Report

Hubba Hubba!

At 50 yards I shot within a foot of a clay pigeon and even hit it once. How's that for scientific???

Here's my impression:

The magazine is very hard to deal with. Hard to insert, hard to remove. Not sure what is wrong there.

No misfires. Recoil is enormous, but even so it is amazingly accurate at long range. Also the recoil is not painful at all. Makarov is much worse.

I'm not used to European magazine releases, but I will get used to it.

I have to say that for the money, this is a fun gun.

Ammo seems very reasonable in terms of cost.

Sorry I'm not more scientific in my range report, but I'm not a technical type.

C & R really opens up a whole new world.
Good choice, I have two of them, I used matte black duracoat on one of them and it came out pretty nice. I use mostly S&B ammo and I tried out the Timbs (sabots) with 22 caliber 55gr FMJ's, they zing! The 22 Reid Express barrels are available for the CZ52 as well.
Since these pistols hit the surplus market theres all kinds of tricks and goodies for them. has a few sections with step by step "how to" ideas for improving function and looks.
Myself, I say buy all the C&R pistols and revolvers now while you can. I picked up my CZ52 for less than what they're going for now, and every time someone runs out of stock, the next import shipment usually fetches a higher price. Nagant revolvers, etc. get em now. They're fun and you can usually get cheap surplus ammo to shoot thats ok for plinking and blastin' as long as you don't mind the windex clean up for the corrosive powder.

Take the Nagant revolver for example.... look at that beauty.


That lil' chunk of history right there probably took many lives and saved quite a few as well. It was the Soviet's sidearm for a long time and is an important piece of military firearms history and so are the CZ52 pistols we and many others own.
I thought about a Nagant but I worry about the ammo supply drying up. I still have one company that ships to me but in general they don't have milsurp ammo. It used to be cool to order ammo for milsurps through the mail.
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