MA Resident LTC-A owner firing at a Rhode Island Range. Is that legally possible?

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Jul 7, 2017
Hello everyone, I have been recently approved for a LTC-A in MA. I have acquired my first gun and am itching to go to the range. I live in a city bordering RI and MA. So the closest and most convenient and also highest rated gun shop with a range is on the RI side. I was wondering how I can transport my gun while in RI if legal to do so.

I am currently under the notion that if I have my gun fully unloaded in a locking gun box and not on my person at all that I can transport it either in the back seat or trunk to and from a gun range. And if I were to conceal carry it I would have to oblige by the peaceful travel rules and not detain myself at any stops. Is this true?

In RI can I carry my gun in a lockbox and stop at a gun range with it as long as it's stored in the container without being loaded?

On Gifford's Law Center website it says if you have it in a seperate container, fully deassambled you can bring it to and from a abode or range.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Nov 24, 2011
Metro West
Please don't give clicks to the Giffords website... they're ANTI and they LIE.

The short, sweet answer is YES you can shoot at a range in RI - but you'll have to travel to/from the range under FOPA. That means going straight from MA to the range and straight back, though technically you could stop at a private residence in RI... but I wouldn't. That means your firearms locked in one container, and ammunition locked in a second container, in your trunk or otherwise "not in the passenger area". No disassembly required. No long stops in RI (gas? bathroom? drivethru? sure - dinner? movie? hotel? nope).

Most RI ranges (in my experience) run a NICS check and a state check on you, then set you loose on the lanes.

Be warned, RI has rules against possessing any NFA items. Being that you're from MA I'm guessing you don't have a suppressor or an SBS, but if you have an SBR leave it at home or expect trouble.
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