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MA Gunowner tries to board plane w/ gun

Joe G

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Apr 7, 2006
Berlin, MA
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Anybody see this? Looks like somebody forgot to empty their bag before going to the airport. [frown]

- Joe


WARWICK, R.I. -- A Massachusetts man faces federal charges after trying to board a plan with a gun at T.F. Green Airport in Warwick.

The U.S. attorney's office said 53-year-old Ken Lee of Holden had a loaded handgun in his carry-on bag when he attempted to go through passenger security.

Investigators said the gun, 12 rounds of ammunition and a knife showed up when the bag went through an X-ray machine.

Lee was booked on an afternoon flight to Phoenix.

Federal agents are charging Lee with attempting to get on an aircraft with a concealed, dangerous weapon that would be accessible during flight.

A spokesman for the U.S. attorney said Lee was released on an unsecured bond Monday because he's not considered a flight risk.

His case will go to a grand jury.
It still amazes me that people do this. I always go through every bag, pocket, nook, etc of my luggage before going anywhere. There really isn't an excuse of this happening.
no way, how can you not know you have a loaded handgun and a knife!!?? i mean C'mon! its a small carry on bag.. he knew EXACTLY what was in it..
loaded firearms are anything but light.
theres a signifigant difference between a small bag of magazines and junk and a bag of with a fully loaded single stack pistol and a knife..
he was trying to pull a fast one or something possibly more sinister... maybe figured he could beat, or that the sytem didnt apply to him or something, no way ignorance can be to blame for this..
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I would feel more comfortable if they handed everyone a loaded gun and a knife before boarding the plane. It would sure cut down the wait for security checks.

They could even keep them on a chain at each seat, if they were worried about people walking off the plane with them.
Well.....it seems more logical to arrest him rather than someone with a nail clipper. He probably flew in from Pheonix with it and didn't think twice about having it.
I think this is the limet we can define constitutes an "Arsonal" anytime you have enugh guns that you may not know where all of them are all the time (at least guns in your control....gunsmithing, repairs, and lending doesn't count).

I mean I know where all my guns are RIGHT now (Two of them are reading this post with me [smile] ) Hell even you guys who may not even know the exact count of your guns, still probably know that they're in one of your 16 gunsafes.

So what gives? Either the man is compleatly soft in the head (and an irresponcible gun handler) or he intentionally put the gun there.....

-Weer'd Beard
“Lee stated that he believed the gun had been in the bag since January, which was the last time he had traveled,” the affidavit states.

hmm improper storage for ther last several months. a loaded firearm with extra ammo..unless he stored his luggage in a vault..theres a disqualifier by his own admission.

Mr. Lee told the investigators that he had packed the bag himself earlier that day, and that he had not known the firearm was in the carryon bag.
how can you not know if you packed the bag yourself?

mental defective..his licence to breathe and breed should be revoked
SnakeEye said:
hmm improper storage for ther last several months. a loaded firearm with extra ammo..unless he stored his luggage in a vault..

... or had a trigger lock on it.
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