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MA Gun Law by and for Non-Lawyers - ~7+ Hour Seminar

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Len-2A Training

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MA Gun Law by and for Non-Lawyers - ~7+ Hour Seminars are given every month at Londonderry F&G Club (NH).

My full schedule is always posted on my training website. If you go to the "events" page there you will see all courses currently planned at any time.

I only post one month at a time on NES, so that they don't get buried in all the other threads in the general Training sub-forum.

The material covered are the various nuances of MA gun law that can trip you up and make you a jailbird and/or prohibited person, dispel the many myths you hear and read everywhere and give you a good foundation of knowledge to avoid the minefields in MGLs. It is NOT the same as what you get in your Basic courses to get a LTC. A certificate is issued which may or may not impress your chief or licensing officer.
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