M855 A1 ammunition

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Oct 4, 2012
I was looking for some information on the new M855 A1 ammo for our soldiers and marines. All I have heard is it's the best thing since apple pie. Faster, more penetration etc, etc, but does it solve the problem our guys were having in Iraq. They were having to shoot two and three times to stop the enemy. Thanks ahead.

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Jul 20, 2011
One shot stop is a myth unless you're going to go up a lot in the size of the round (which is not really practical when using fire and maneuver). It's all about where the round hits. We're trained to expect an enemy to stay up after being shot, anything worth shooting once is worth shooting again.

So I guess what I'm saying is no. No matter the velocity of the round, nor how deep it can penetrate (which isn't even a good thing when trying to stop a target, you want the round to barely leave the body) you shoot until the target is down; besides that, I have numerous complaints about their quality control for the shit they send us (rounds without bullets, rounds with bullets that aren't properly seated, rounds without primers... etc) You get better ammo off the shelf.
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