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M151 a1 1964 Military Jeep

Discussion in 'NES Yard Sale' started by Stevireno, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. Stevireno

    Stevireno NES Member

    Mar 26, 2013
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    Testing the waters here... I have a 1964 Uncut M151a1. It comes with the vinyl cover and the metal support for it. I have a 50 cal water tight can set between the seats for document storage. Motor is from an a2, mechanical fuel pump.

    The good: All brake lines, m/c wheel cylinders / drums replaced, new seats, good rubber on wheels, oversized 24 volt (these are all 24 volt electrical) alternator. good tranny and clutch. Some new sheet metal. Completely new wiring harness from an a2. Registered and inspected, all blinkers work, gauges, speedo, interior lights...

    the bad: air filter is aftermarket as no room for the original after the new alternator was installed. A few holes in the floor that I can repair if you dont weld. Carbs on these are tricky, theres probably a small vacuum leak within the carb. Runs fine as is, but could be better with either tuning, or a new carb.

    Asking $9 k , open to trades for firearms or other interesting vehicles.

    email me directly at [email protected].

    Photos at the album linked below, ask away if you have questions

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