LTC Required to enter gun shows?

maybe we should require drivers licenses for all people going to car shows :p
fishing and hunting licenses for all people going to sportsman shows ?
proof of home ownership for all people going to home shows ?
job fairs, business expos, vacation shows, etc...
Let me try and understand this....It is ok and encouraged by Massachusetts for drag queens to perform in schools but you can not take your kids to a gun show.
Now you get it, liberal logic. Drag Queens are cool and gunz are bad. All part of the plan and it's about numbers, Dems need "marginalized" people to vote for them or they lose. If Blacks ever woke up and really wanted to succeed in a Capitalist Society they would ditch the Dirty Dems which would condemn the Leftists to a radical minority in the US.
absolutely not, the right to drive should be an unalienable right.
It is indeed alienable, and not even a right - but has far more due process protections than the 2A. For example, you cannot have you driving license revoked and never reissued because you were found not guilty of OUI, nor can heresay evidence be used against you at a trial for an offense that would result in a revoked license.
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death by a thousand cuts....

I have never seen a group of people more persecuted in the land of the free and home of the idiots than the people who exercise their God given 2A constitutional right.

It is beyond pathetic how much crap has gotten thrown over the years and all the ground "free" Americans have lost with regard to 2A.

Not a single one of these gun control laws has done anything to reduce crime. Yet we keep driving down this road and yielding to all the gun control traffic goons passing us by trying to run us off the road into a ditch.

The goal of our pro 2A gun groups should not be to prevent new gun control legislation

The focus should be to abolish all gun control laws in the nation and its territories going back to before gun powder was invented.

Anything less is failure.
It's about control and elimination of any potential threats to the Leftists.
Leftists know they can't rule/control an armed population, so they need to eliminate the threat which is US!
That’s exactly the point.

This.......can't take the why they want this.

Same reason they outlawed kids riding ATV's in this state.

Same reason they pave bike paths for walking and biking only and the land all around it gets posted.

Close gates to large expanses of forest so we can't hunt on them.

Put in Frisbee golf on our WMA lands we pay to hunt on.

Social Engineering by enforcing out activities they don't like.

Those activities....Guns, Hunting and ATV riding.
"Social Engineering by enforcing out activities they don't like.

Those activities....Guns, Hunting and ATV riding."

Yup all whitey activities that scare the hell out of City Leftists.
Is it LTC required to handle guns in MA? I've been to gun shops and wanted to check out something from under the glass and more often than not, the gun store worker looks at me and says 'LTC.' I show him and then I get to touch the gun.
When I lived in MA I recall at least one shop that wouldn't let you handle a gun without seeing your LTC.
Is that still going on?
Four Seasons definitely asked me every time. I've seen others get handed guns without needing to flash the LTC badge though. Maybe they're regulars who knows.
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