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Ltc A Stoughton???



Im thinking about going to apply for my LTC A ALP in Stoughton. Does anyone know how difficult it is to obtain? I have my FID already (only for a few months). Will I need to take another class?
I have no specific info about Stoughton to share with you, but if you haven't taken NRA Basic Pistol yet, you might consider doing so, even if it isn't required.

Also, take the time to draft a strong cover letter to your police chief detailing all specific reasons you have for needing the ability to carry a firearm to protect yourself. Try to avoid trite phrases like "it's my Second Amendment right", or "I want to buy large capacity handguns".

Do these things well, and you will be off to a strong start.

Darius Arbabi
Apply NEXT year! Here's why:

1. You will already have some track record as a licensee; and

2. You want to stagger your licensing periods. [wink]
good luck

i got my first gun license in stoughton, took a long time.
not to actually get it, but to be at the station when the one and only officer that does licenses was there. when I got mine, I did the pistol saftey class, had my ppwk, called the station, and asked what the license hours were.
they were happy to tell me when the officer was supposed to be there. I took time off from work, short hours of course, I believe it took 4 tries before the license officer was there. once done, only took a couple of weeks, but then same chase to catch the officer there to get the license.

good luck

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