Lowell, MA January 6th - Concealed Carry Workshop (low light, force on force)

OnSight Firearms Training

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Jul 25, 2018
Date and Time
Sun, January 6, 2019
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST

9:00am to 5:00pm -

www.oftllc.us to register.

PRIVATE FACILITY - 171 Lincoln St. Lowell MA 01852 3rd floor(top floor)

$125.00 (includes all simunition equipment and ammunition)
Are you a new shooter? New to carrying a firearm? Planning to begin carrying a firearm in your daily life? Worried about carrying a firearm? Are you an experienced concealed carry permit holder looking for some new information and techniques? This class will have something for everyone to learn or improve on.

OnSight Firearms Training will be hosting a “Concealed Carry” workshop. This class will focus on many integral aspects of defensive pistol fighting in a “dry-fire” and “force on force” setting, using dummy rounds, simunitions, and dry fire for many drills. We will also focus on “low-light techniques”, and cover and concealment.

While this is not a “live fire” class, its importance is not be overlooked.

This course will cover key aspects in ensuring a smooth, clean and quick holster draw as well as several drills and techniques designed to focus the shooter on specific movements and techniques imperative to carrying and using a handgun. While much focus is placed on "live fire" drills and techniques, quite often the fundamentals of using a handgun for self defense and many of the mechanical and technical details are too often neglected.

This is an opportunity to focus on the lead up and after effects of a shot, as the stress and pressure of shot placement and live fire is removed. This is a light, fun class that will provide the beginner and intermediate shooter, as well as the advanced with plenty to challenge themselves.



YOU DO NOT NEED A PISTOL PERMIT TO ATTEND THIS CLASS. We will have several "Blue Guns" and "non live firing guns" for those who do not have their pistol permit.

All students must understand and be able to successfully maintain all shooting safety fundamentals. Experience with working to and from a holster, engaging multiple targets, and various shooting positions a plus but not mandatory.

Course Breakdown:

Firearms safety

Shooting fundamentals

Holster draw and presentation (two handed)

Holster draw and presentation (one handed – strong and support)

Ready positions

Strong and support hand transitions

Malfunctions drills

Reload drills

Verbal communication

Scanning and observation/situational awareness

Close quarter holster draw

Close quarter self defense

Retention and disarm techniques

Hand to hand drills

Alternate shooting positions

Seated positions

Stance work

Movement thru and mitigating rooms, doorways, corners, etc.

Cover vs. concealment

Low light flashlight positions

Low light drills

Force on force engagements

EQUIPMENT LIST - all attendees should bring:

Semi automatic pistol or revolver (We will have several "Blue Guns" and "non live fire guns" for those who do not have their pistol permit.)

Quality belt mounted holster – (no Blackhawk “SERPA”, Uncle Mike’s, Fobus, or floppy loose nylon holsters) We recommend: Blackpoint tactical, Raven Concealment, Black Center Tactical, Dark Star Gear, C&G Holsters.

Minimum of three magazines (for those with their pistol permit)

Belt mounted magazine pouches or carriers (we will have several on hand to loan)

5 dummy rounds (we will have 45ACP, 9mm and 38 Special available to loan)

Shatterproof eye protection

Everyday Carry pocket knife

Hand held flashlight (Surefire, Streamlight, etc.)

Notebook or pad with pen for taking notes.

Lunch, snacks and beverages to last the day

For more information or questions please contact [email protected]

Private and group shooting lessons available - Rifle - Pistol - Shotgun

Women's classes available.
New York (resident) pistol permit classes, Utah, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Florida, Virginia, Arizona, Massachusetts non-resident carry permit classes available.
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