Looking to do a Winter AR build...Ideas ?

Mar 18, 2009
Manchester , NH
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OK so since I already have a Carbine , I'm looking to start a litle winter AR project or atleast get the ball rolling on it . Thinking along the lines of either a .308 tackdriver with 20 or 24" barrel or possibly another .223 carbine build but piston style..

Not really sure just yet , but figured I would throw it out there and see what you folks had for ideas.

Kinda leaning towards the .308 since well I dont have one ..sounds like a good reason atleast.

Ideas ? Since money is tight its going to be a on going process , probably take 6-8 months or so to get it all together but gotta start somewhere. A little piece by piece project .

So lets hear what everyone has to say , throw me some options ..uppers , lowers , barrels , handguards , triggers , anything and everything. I wanna do it right the first time around...a tactical tackdriving .308 AR

Once I start getting parts , of course I'll get the digital camera out and take plenty of pics during the build and keep you all up to date on its progress..

PS...dont tell the wife [laugh]
Why not build a 6.8. You can use all of the AR15 upper and lower parts, and 6.8 barrels can be had at a reasonable price.

I am partial to billet uppers and lowers (all those years doing aerospace machining!).
I am thinking along the same lines as you. I'm probably gonna go with a .308 AR, I like the feel of AR's and want to build one. The only issue I have with the 6.8 is ammo, I have never seen any for sale, while .308 is available at most if not all places that sell ammo.
Hopefully we get slammed with snow this year, I can't wait to plow.

You and me both [wink] the one good thing is I run a loader with a pusher doing commercial lots , dont have to deal with homeowners...cuts the stress level down a bit.

I hear you on the 6.8 ammo , one of the other members here I shoot with has a 6.8 AR its definetly nice , but if Im gonna put something together I'll probably go with a .308 AR build ...we'll see gotta start looking into it a little more , and with my bday in a week maybe I can put a lower on my present list [smile]
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