Looking for Public pistol ranges in Boston west

MA only has a couple of gun shop/public range setups. There are NO government owned public (use) ranges in MA (AFAIK). Liability issues and anti-gun sentiments in government account for this.

American Firearms School in Attleboro, Bob's Tactical in Salisbury and I think there may be one more place in MA.

We have a lot of gun clubs here, they are all private, almost all have open membership and prices vary from perhaps <$50/year to somewhere around $150/year, with NO hourly/daily charges. It's not difficult to gain membership in almost any club in MA.
I'm also jonesing for a place to shoot. It's gonna be another month before I'm officially "in" my gun club. I have a newly acquired P226, plenty of ammo (I bought out two Wal-Marts' stock of 9mm today :) ) but no place to shoot. AFS is pricey at $25/hr plus a contingency for using your own ammo, but I think I'm going to have to go there again next week.
I remember there being a place in Worcester as well, back when I was searching for public ranges.

A good site to check is:


They indicate in the listing if the club is private or public, even if it's not an exhaustive list (Bob's isn't on there). It's worth double-checking their info once you find something interesting (for example: the address of the Worcester site has changed).

Also: http://www.webcom.com/gun_guy/rangesma.htm

Here's a link for the Worcester place (named the Boston Gun Range):


I've never been, as I ended up going to Bob's, so I can't give any kind of review. It looks like the range fee is $25/hour so it's on par with AFS.
Hi -

Technically west, but way south, is the only public range (outdoor only) I am aware of - the New Bedford Rifle Range located in Dartmouth. The rates are much higher than they used to be, but still cheaper that private club membership.


then click on Public Safety then Firearms Division
The one in Worcester is way over priced. Not a bad place, but the cost is way over the top.
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