Looking for 300+ yard range

Aug 14, 2005
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I am looking for a 300+ yard range around the boston area that will allow you to shoot at steel targets. Are there any around?

Right now I'm shooting at Hanson, which is a great place, but I'm looking for a place to do some longer range shooting

When I was at Hanson today, and a few people there mentioned a range in Copicut that is 300 yard and allows steel, so I'll give that a try

Thanks for the reply. If this one doesn't pan out i wil try Harvard

Harvard has 100, 200 and 300 yard ranges, but the 200 and 300 yard ranges are members only and you are not allowed to bring a guest to shoot (however, this is allowed on other ranges). The club requires that anyone using these ranges demonstrate their skills at 200 yards, since they want to be sure that persons shooting at those distances won't put one over the berm. I do not know of any restrictions against using plates on those ranges if you are a member and have the silver 200/300 yard range qualification sticker on your card. The 200/300 yard range people are most accomodating about setting up weekend times for the range test, and they welcome new members who are interested in this particular club facility.
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