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May 8, 2005
In the Great Smoky Mountains
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I was Sunday-driving through a town in the western burbs. I saw a marked and unmarked car parked in a lot talking and didn't think anything about it. But when I passed them, the unmarked car pulled out and pulled me over.

He said I had gone through a red light. I probably did, but I honestly never saw it. I had never been in this town before. I gave him my license and registration and sat there trying to figure out how much this was going to cost (along with not having a seat belt on.)

After about four minutes he came back and said he was giving me a written warning because I probably hadn't seen the red light (true) and I went on my way after thanking him.

Here are the two kickers: I am 55 years old and this was the FIRST time I have ever been stopped in my life AND, I have a Class A LTC.

It never came up. I was not carrying at the time, although I had just left the Marlboro gun show.

At first I thought he was a local, but in hindsight I believe it was a MA trooper as it was techincally on a state highway. I never really got a good look.

Just wanted to share.
The dynamics seem to be different when an officer just happens to spot something vs. being on a speed trap (er, "special enforcement detail") as the later has a productivity measure and an a-priori decision that a whole bunch of drivers are getting tickets that day.
What's good is that he was understandable. If you had blown that light and you knew it, then that's different.

But I've done that. There's a light on the way to Jillians in Worcester that the first time, I never knew that it was there. My wife was yelling at me that I just ran a light. But the light is eye level on the oppisite side of the street. So, unless you are looking over there, or know the light, I think most people would miss it. My wife saw it because she was looking over at me, and by looking across my face, she saw the light over there. Me, I was looking for this place as I'd never been there. So my eyes were focused straight ahead up a few hundred yards.
derek said:
Most are except for Jon. He's the meanest sumbitch this side of the Mississippi...

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Ya believe it or not, we're not all ignorant a**h***s as some would have you believe.
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