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Larry Vickers 2 Day Handgun Operator - Sep 7 & 8 Wallingford, Connecticut

Discussion in 'Training' started by 30 cal slut, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. 30 cal slut

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    Aug 1, 2008
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    Hey guys and gals.

    I've been hosting Larry Vickers in central Connecticut since 2010. We've done just about every class that he offers - but this is the one class that he is known for.

    Larry spends a lot of time breaking down how to shoot accurately. It's a great class for shooters of all levels. Every year we do this, I'm shocked by how many law enforcement folks show up to train the basics with Larry. This is not a high round count class.

    There are still a few spots left.

    YES, non-residents are welcome. Just bring your home state carry permit - we have an exemption for non-residents for formal training. We are a 10-round mag state, but the police aren't sure if the law applies to non-residents. LOL. Not that anyone here checks anyways.

    Wallingford is just north of New Haven. An hour drive from Springfield, MA. Two hours from Boston. An hour and a half from most of RI.

    Signup link below.


    Larry Vickers 2 Day Handgun Operator Sept 7-8, 2019 Wallingford, CT

    This class is an entry level course for handgun shooters and is designed specifically for those who have not had any formal instruction or those wanting a refresher class for skill maintenance and refinement. Topics covered include the following: safety, stance, grip, sight alignment and trigger control fundamentals. In addition to this, other topics that are covered include reloads, draw. Different skill drills including dry fire and bullseye shooting will be introduced and practiced. Additionally, Larry will make himself available to any student during class breaks and after class to answer individual questions on his/her weapons, equipment, gear set up, etc.


    - Eye and Ear Protection (electronic hearing protection is highly recommended)

    - Serviceable handgun of at least 9mm Para caliber

    - 600 rounds of ammunition minimum

    - Minimum of three to five serviceable magazines

    - Serviceable holster - Please note ***No Serpa or Serpa style holsters unless it’s issued to you by your agency/unit and no AWIB carry****

    - Pouch(es) that provide the ability to properly carry a minimum of two spare magazines

    - Weapon lubrication and cleaning supplies

    - Suitable range wear depending on the season

    - Good attitude


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