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Knoxx CompStock


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Apr 24, 2005
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In preparation for the upcoming John Farnam course at Riverside I bought myself a new Mossberg. Somehow, I never have a problem finding an excuse to get another gun. [grin]

I had tested several different varieties of slugs, six boxes in all, in one of my other shotguns to see which gave me the best groups. I came away with a shoulder that was bruised and stiff for the better part of a week. In hindsight, perhaps a T-shirt is not the best thing to wear when bench-resting slug loads. [crying]

So, for this shotgun I ordered a Knoxx CompStock and installed it before firing the first shot. Again, I had several different types of slugs to test. I went through half a dozen boxes of different slugs, some reduced recoil and some full power. With the new stock slugs were a joy to shoot. It turned a thump into a shove.

The stock shortens under recoil. The excursion envelope is larger than I would have expected. So long as I kept my cheek in the middle of the fixed portion of the stock I was fine. If I held too far forward or back I would smack my nose or cheek. Even on the last box my shoulder was feeling fine. I'd subjectively rate the recoil as similar to a light birdshot load from my wood stocked Mossberg.

Once I found the slugs it shot best I moved on to buckshot, shooting about half a dozen boxes. Again, I had no problems whatsoever. The following day, I ran another half dozen boxes of slugs through it. Shooting slugs is fun! Even after all of this my shoulder is unmarked with not the slightest hint of soreness. It's well worth the ninety bucks I paid for it.
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