Jobs in the " Middle East" and " Central Asia

Aug 10, 2005
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I am in the water business; no not that silly bottled stuff, drinking water plant operation, waste water and groundwater remediation.

Got a mailer from KBR, a division of Haliburton offering jobs to " water professonals" in the " Middle East" and " Central Asia". Wonder where that could be?

If you are interested go to
I used to do Groundwater Remediation. I worked for Brown and Root before we were bought out by Tetra Tech. Ran the testing, cleanup and maintance of three lndfills at WPAFB.

I could do this job...

Really, the Army was looking for System Admins and Network guys to work in the same location. If they are planing to pay about the same...with hazard pay, and some other things, it was going to be about 180K a year, first year no taxes because you're working out of the country.

If I didn't have a wife, kid, and one on the way...or if was just me and the wife. I would have taken that job in a heart beat. Just can't leave my family right now.

That's why I have so much respect for the men and women that are already over there, or are headed over.
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