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It's starting all over again...NJ One Gun A Month!

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Nov 14, 2005
Massachusetts Live Free or Here!
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If Duval Patrick has his way…this will happen in Massbackwards as well. Guaranteed. What are you doing on November 7th? Voting, right? If you haven’t registered to vote then today is your LAST day to do so to be eligible for November 7th.

While many of you may be thinking…this isn’t so bad since I can’t afford nor would I ever purchase more than one a month and it gives the anti-gun crowd something to crow about that won’t do much harm – think again. This is kind of legislation is exactly why the Second Amendment was written and is completely unconstitutional as an infringement upon your rights as a citizen of the United States.

"We the People of the United States,…". This implies, that WE granted to the government certain limited powers, and that WE retained rights while delegating a few to the government. Our founding fathers worked under the concept that our rights are inherent and inalienable and come from our "Creator," not from a king, as in so many other established governments around the world.

The most grievous misconception being taught today is that that US Constitution grants rights to us. The Bill of Rights (including the Second Amendment) does NOT grant us rights. They only clarify that the government is prohibited from infringing on those rights.
Lets say Patrick gets in and they impose the one gun a month thing.....now right up front that would suck but think of it like this.....

One gun Per month = 158 NES Members x 12 = 1,896 gun purchase in one year...

This doesn't count the registered users and other gun owners. It would make it tough to buy someone's collection but that would give me time to managed my finances to be able to buy nicer bigger guns when I make my purchase....

Don't get me wrong, I'm totally against it but collectively we could make good use of it if we needed to....
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