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It's been awhile.....


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Nov 26, 2012
Just about the middle of NH
Hi Folks,
Yes, I'm still alive.
If you haven't seen it yet, I updated the can lock thread.
I've had a run of bad luck for the past year. Karma for my past I suppose. I wasn't always the upstanding productive member of society
that you've all grown to know and ...........whatever you think of me. ;)

I'm not here to whine or look sympathy. I received a couple of requests for can locks and figured it was time for an update.
I don't spent a lot of time on any forums lately.

It just seems like the universe picked this particular can to kick around for a bit.
It started with my mother being diagnosed with lung cancer.
My scumbag brother leeching off of her till the end.
I've informed him and his son if they come within arms reach of me, they will join her.
My best friend had a hair across his ass at this particular time and didn't contact me until she died.
He died to me the day he found out and didn't call.
Two of my oldest friends and a cousin passed within three months of Mom.
My daughter publicly eviscerated me.
More recently, my dog died. That undid me after all the rest.
It took 11 years to figure out that I'm a phenomenal machinist but shitty business man.
I'm closing the machine shop I've poured my heart and soul into for all that time and more.
If you know anyone that wants to buy turnkey machine shop, let me know. They'll need to bring their own customers.
I've managed to screw most of that up during my unhinging.
I'm most likely getting divorced after 27 years............. HEY! maybe my lucks changing back!

And yes, I know things could be worse.
Then again, the years not out yet is it?


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Aug 1, 2009

Never met you before but I wish you the best. I can't relate to most of your post other than losing a dog. Sorry to hear that.

Not sure if you're at the bottom but I heard someone say one time that it's a good place to be. You can only go up from there.


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Feb 22, 2011
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
that is a pretty shitty stretch of bad things happening...sorry to hear about your Mom and your pooch...those things trump all the others in my book...I guess all you can do is take life one day at a time. hang in there. best of luck moving forward


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Apr 4, 2013
He Gone!
Thanks everyone.
I'm a firm believer in
It's not how many times you fall down , it's how many times you get up.
Sir, you karma’d me two of your can locks to ‘review’ and they’ve worked amazing and are still on the original cans I put them on and I use them every time I go to the range.

Upstanding member of society or not, I hope you cut yourself some slack and realize that you can still be a good person and be guilty of having done shitty things in the past.

Of course, you know, that if there’s anything we can do for you here, we will. This is our old white guy (for the majority anyway) support group because apparently society doesn’t give a single shit about us anymore.

If there’s any chance I could offer to pay you for the locks you gave me, I would very much like that as i’m certainly getting my use out of them. If you ever DO make another run of them I’d be very enthusiastic about purchasing more of them.

I’m really truly sorry to hear about your run of bad luck. It seems like you’re coping in your own way and that’s all that matters. Everything you ever wanted could be on the other side of this shit.

You’re a good dude...and I’m not just saying that because you gave me free shit. We had some back and forth emails at the time of the karma and you stood out so much that I remember thinking what a cool guy you were.

Keep you chin up sir...we’re here if you need us...don’t be a stranger.


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Jan 30, 2013
Sorry to hear all of that. A new job and a new start might do you some good. The last item on your list is long overdue.
Lily will always have a special place in your heart but there is another pup out there that needs you when you're ready.
If I can help you know how to reach me.🤗
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