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Nov 18, 2005
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Ok guys...Here's some easy instructions on how to post feedback for someone via iTrader.

As an example, I'm going to leave Derek feedback for the cable I sold him.

Find the person you are trying to leave feedback for. Under their post count, please find "iTrader: (#)" and click the number

Now, you will be at the iTrader page for the person you want to leave feedback for...Please click the link "Submit Feedback For xxxxx"

You will now be at the page where you will enter the feedback. The first step is choosing whether you are the Buyer, Seller, or Trader in the transaction

Then, you will need to rate the experience and leave either Positive (+1), Negative (-1), or Neutral feedback

Next, you should leave a short message about the transaction, so that others can see what the deal was about. You can also leave additional comments that only you, the person receiving feedback, and administration can see. If you are done, hit the "Submit Reply" button!

There's a spot where you can post the URL for the ad, but since we delete most ads after the transaction is complete, you can just leave this blank.

Voila! I've officially left Derek positive feedback now...You can see it here. It is not only listed, but his iTrader Feedback Score has now gone up to a 3 from a 2

Now, you should be able to leave feedback for people via iTrader...Good luck and happy selling/buying!
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