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Is it just me or...


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Feb 25, 2005
Monadnock area, NH
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Should deaf be allowed to vote for American Idol?

"A statement issued Wednesday by Fox read, "the producers and network apologize to our hearing-impaired viewers for any confusion, and the situation was immediately corrected for our tape-delayed West Coast broadcast."


I mean it is a singing contest. Kinda like having brail buttons at the drive up ATM machines.

ETA: I know all of them may not be totally deaf. :D
I think American Idol is GREAT! When the list the number of total votes we find out the number of idiots with a tv and a cell phone in America!

Just because they are hearing impaired, lets let the vote of those idiots count too!
Hey let's not discriminate!

We let the deaf and dumb write and pass legislation in this country.

Equality for all! [roll]
I can't remember right off who the nominee and senator were, but I recall a Supreme Court nominee who, during the confirmation hearings, was pretty well established as having a mediocre record. One senator, in a valiant attempt to support the nominee started that there were a lot constituants who were mediocre as well, and they certainly deserved some representation. [roll] It didn't help either the nominee or the senator.

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