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Dec 6, 2008
Seems since Obama got elected, gun ammo is going ballistic, as far as much higher prices! Maybe some one knows something about the coming limitations of things?
Letter Re: Gun Show Report–The Full Capacity Magazine Feeding Frenzy Continues

Mr. Rawles:
I took your advice you posted last year and have been investing in some high cap magazines. I’ve bought about $2,000 worth since the [November 2008 presidential] election, and I haven’t had any second thoughts. Thank you sir, your advice is making me a tidy profit. The 75-round Romanian [RPK] drums that I bought for $135 each the day after the election are now going for $250 each. And the 31-round Glock 9 milly magazines that I paid $33.50 each for are now going for $65 each. Oh, I found +2 [magazine floorplate extension]s for those, so now they are all 33 rounders. I figure those mags will be over $100 each in a couple of months.

My real coup de largesse was this past weekend, when I went to a local gun show here in Texas. (There is a gun show just about every weekend, somewhere in Texas. Some just take a day of driving to get to!) The place was a mad house. It took 30+ minutes to stand in line just to pay to get in the door. People were buying mil surplus ammo and magazines like crazy. Basically the ammo and mags were all sold out by noon on Saturday. And most of the “black guns” were sold out buy the time they closed the doors Saturday night. Prices on magazines have basically doubled since the election.

Not Mass. investment advice. [angry]
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