Interested in joining Reading Rifle range

Aug 14, 2005
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I am looking for a place to shoot long distances and Reading keeps coming up.

I heard that I need a sponsor. Do they have open house days, where I can meet some people, I don't currently know anyone that goes there.

Any info on the club would be great


While I'm not a member of the Reading club, I have shot matches at the location. You will not find a better group of people and a well run club. I'll be down there next week for the "Great Pumpkin Shoot". That is a great match to get your feet wet in 600 yard shooting. You will not be sorry if Reading is the club you chose to join.

R.D. Scalzo
Epping, NH [shock]
Don't worry about sponsors. Just show up at the club(s) that interest you, ask people info on the place, take a tour and ask for a membership application. Every club I know of has a way to take care of people who may not know anyone at the club, They don't turn down good people strictly because you don't know anyone there!

There is a High Power match on Nov 5th, show up before and meet some of the members and fill out an application.
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