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Jon Green and I will be conducting a GOAL Foundation NRA Basic Pistol and Home Firearms Safety Instructor's course on October 21st to 23rd at the GOAL office in Northboro, MA.

For details about this course, visit

Feel free to send me a PM or post on this list if you have questions about this instructor course.
Instructor Course

I would highly recommend this course. Once you've taken the NRA instructor's course, you'll have a level of "expert documentation" which goes above the average joe - despite the poor quality control of the NRA instructor training program (flame away!!).

That is not to say that the specific course referred to here is poor quality - just that the NRA oversight of what it takes to become an "instructor" is weak at best. All of that being said, NRA Instructor is the one non-law enforcement credential most likely to be accepted as evidence of your competence..

You even get to sign RI carry permit applications if you can find some Army-L targets :).

Consider some other disciplines :

Scuba - You don't become a recognized instructor by PADI, NAUI or the YMCA without an extensive amount of training, experience, and verified expertise.

Sky Diving - Ditto.

General Aviation - Another ditto.

Handgun - Basic competence; 2 day course; no experience teaching required to get the certification. You can go from newbie to "certified NRA instructor" in less time that it takes to get a card to have your scuba tanks filled; sky dive without a jumpmaster; or solo a small aircraft.

Interstingly, the NRA has started to apply what appear to be "real standards" to their "refuse to be a victim" program, including doing actual teaching under supervision or providing a tape of your presentation skills to NRA HQ.

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