Inheritance question from out of state

Its a shame you have never lived outside of the state of MA and didn't inherit/receive these firearms before you moved back to MA. If that were the case and you brought them back into MA with you when you moved then you wouldn't have to worry about "registering" them.
Since it is across state lines, you first have to be concerned about Federal Law before worrying about MA Law.

Unless a will specifies otherwise, the widow is the legal owner of the guns. She can't just "give them" to someone across state lines (I'm talking ownership) as that is NOT "inheritance". The new owner (OP) per Fed Law must have the guns shipped to a MA FFL for transfer to the OP.

If the will specified that the OP was to inherit the guns, per Fed Law, the widow could just hand them to the OP and he does "registration" (NO info on the source) with eFA-10s on the guns within 7 days of bringing the guns into MA.
Unfortunately I don't think it's specifically stated.... no. Hypothetically, my mom is still living so I assume she would technically be the beneficiary but she doesn't really want them. And unfortunately my dad was really casual about stuff like this and didn't do a lot of paperwork.

180 days to figure it all out from the day the eatate is settled if I remember correctly. And IANAL so just getting a reply in.
180 days is irrelevant. If people were to read the actual law, it is only if the personal representative was a MA resident and wanted to keep the guns but didn't have a LTC. Then it is a 180 day grace period to get licensed.

Offering all sorts of illegal advice is irresponsible and confuses people with legitimate questions. At one time NES had a rule against doing that, but I guess that rule no longer applies here.
Op do what your level of comfort is

But just take them

Unless your dad is from an equally communist shit hole they may call you and ask

But there are no random gun inspections in mass and I assume you have other guns that cover home defense so these would be nostalgia/ range toys

Id just keep em and not worry about it

I also have never had this happen for any alphabet boys reading
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