Industrial Pistol Powder (IPP)

May 5, 2018
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Does anybody have any knowledge about "Industrial Pistol Powder"? Does the company still exist? Anything about it would be helpful.

There is not other text on the cans than in the photos.


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Here's the first entry from a Google search for you to read,..

It's not much help so start small and work your way up or toss it on your lawn.

Here's the first entry from a Google search for you to read,..
I also found that from the first google search I performed..... It's dead end information, along with that S&W link in that thread. I have done extensive web searches from all the search engines, and spoke to everybody I know from the gun clubs I belong to. I'm looking for personal experience information. Trust me, posting on a forum is my last resort.

Also...I researched business information sites and everything has wrong information. Manufacturing company addresses in residential neighborhoods, phone numbers to old ladies. Nothing in any of those other forums is accurate. I even called the couple gun shops (where people say they bought it from) listed in those threads, and the owners never sold the powder and know nothing about it. One guy says he has an empty can of it, and was never able to figure out where it came from.

I found a perfect 28gauge load using that powder. It works perfect, so I want more of it.
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More information: I compared the load data on the can to load data for other powders. I found that Alliant Unique was nearly identical (velocity/grains) for all the calibers listed on that can. I used the Unique data for 28 gauge, started low, and increased the Mec bushings until I got ~1145 velocity. My final run landed me at a Mec #20 bushing.

Everything sounds, feels, and tests perfect, confident everything is ok, but I never turn down information from experience reloaders. I never forgot the old advice: "Always keep in mind: You don't know what you don't know".

I really want to find more of this powder if it's still being manufactured.

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