If I shot twice as good as I do I still wouldn't be half as good as he is


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Jun 27, 2008
Dorchester MA / Sullivan County NH
When I was a Corporal one of the SFC in the unit had been in the Army Marksmanship Unit. Brought my new Gold Cup .45 to the range. Gave him a magazine and he proceeded to put 7 rounds into the head of a silhouette target at 50 meters.

“Nice pistol.” He handed it back while the rest of us were picking up our jaws....
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Oct 17, 2017
The mountains of S.E Tenn

From what I understand Jerry uses factory trigger pulls, not one of these super light jobs that only works with loads using Federal primers. Running a fast string with a light trigger competition tuned semi auto like a 1911 or CZ is not even in the same league of difficulty as a factory revolver trigger shooting DA.

If you are really good you can have six (or maybe only 4, not sure) out of your 1911 before the first brass hits the ground. If you are really^2 good, you can have you new mag in the gun before the one you ejected hits the ground.

Good gunning runs in that family. Snake identification, not so much.

I believe he takes them down to about 8-8.5lbs d.a..
Factory is well over 12 (so I've heard, my scale only goes to 10 and maxes out), no idea what the Perf Ctr ones run.
Some of his older vids go into a "what to look for" when buying used stuff and in one of those he goes into detail the process of slicking it up and taking it down and what to set it at using different primers or ammo.
Its on you-tube, I'd link it but with my short attention span I'd lose about 5 hours watching other stuff.

Clark customs used to offer a cross drllied hex head jam screw (they'd drill the frame if you sent it in) so you could back off the strain screw then keep it in place and then crank it back in depending on the ammo you were shooting. He mentioned that in one of his vids too. But they seemed to get more into the more modern stuff when the old man passed.

His brother sells Hi-tek coated lead heads, pretty good stuff. Played around with some of the 255's in .45 acp. Stout is an understatement. Ordered some 200's for another caliber in the end of july, probably won't see them this month.

This guys burying 6 A-zone shots in under 1 second.
I'm having a good day if I can whack 5 plates in under 4 seconds with a 627.
Ah, to pipe-dream.
His vids got me into wheel guns, so I got that goin for me.


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Jul 2, 2011
seems to me, maybe to no one else, jerry has the talent in the family, especially with handguns. lena has the name and is expert in shotgun and rifle, especially shotgun. i don't think wife, kay really cares much although enjoys being a top tier womans shooter. has the clark name and married to a true competitor/showman so.... but the trio are great ambassadors for the shooting sports

i saw bob munden do an exhibition of shotgun shooting at one of the ata grand americans in ohio in the early 90's. that was f***ing phenomenal as well, but jerry miculek has all the balls as far as i'm concerned.
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