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i need help finding answers to this question.

Jan 11, 2011
New Bedford, Ma
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what exactly is the point of an AR lower stating "restricted military/government/law enforcement/export use only"

i keep hearing they are not prohibited by civilians anymore, is this true?
what are the penalties of having an item like this in civilian hands?

thanks in advance to whoever responds
There are no laws that state a civilian can't own one.

In the majority of examples, they were produced during the ban (94-04), and are only legal in this state if assembled in a post-ban configuration.

Even after the ban expired, some manufacturers produced lowers marked like that because some buyers like the "oh my gosh!!! That's a police weapon, you can't own that" reaction from other shooters at the range (same thing with semi-auto lowers marked "safe-semi-auto").
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Back when there was a national "Assault Weapons Ban" they marked the post bad receivers and high capacity magazines with this. Now that the ban expired they can be bought by almost everybody, Some states make up stupid laws.
So as long its a preban lower and says that on it it doesnt mayyer thanks!

What is no point to what glockaholic?

It doesn't mean anything. Pre/Post Ban doesn't matter. As long as it is either a pre-ban or in post ban configuration your good to go in Mass.
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