I Hate Some of My Customers


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Feb 25, 2009
I wasnt sure if I should post this, but f*ck it.

Let me give you some background ...

I run a landscaping company and I am constantly checking competitors pricing in order to give people the best price possible. If I cannot be at a job myself, I usually stop by to check and make sure my guys did a good job.

A few days ago, a couple of my guys called in sick, so I went to do a job for a new customer. We spoke over the phone first, he told me my price was competitive and he sounded like a nice guy. So far so good, he was very polite.

I arrive to his house, nice middle class white guy.
I think he voted for Trump, but I didnt say anything just in case he was a Libtard - I later found out he was a Trump supporter. More on that below.

He showed me around, he had a nice yard with some interesting plants (see pic below), but it was a little bit of a mess. He told me how much he hated doing yard work and that's why he hired people like me (he had a white privilege tone to his voice). He kept telling me that we would negotiate the price, I kept telling him we already spoke over the phone and agreed to a price and payment method, but he kept cutting me off. Anyway, he reassured me I would still get paid what we agreed. I think he was high.

Anyway, I do the work. My kick a** new lawn mower made my day a lot easier...

View attachment 297754

Check out how nice his yard looks now:

(After I was done)
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I should mention ... I had my daughter helping me out, this creep wouldnt stop staring at her. She is 16 and trying to save money for college.

Fast forward to the end of the day. We did a great job, his yard looks clean (looked like a jungle before), he is happy with the work and then tries to pay me with a check.

I was very clear with him over the phone, I told him my bank charges me $6 to cash a check, so the check would need to be for $506. I told him he could pay me cash, but he said "so you can keep it and not pay taxes?"

That's where it all went to hell. He threw rocks at my nice, new lawn mower (now it has a huge dent), and started yelling at me because I have an accent. He thought I was an illegal, so he started telling me what a POS I was, that I should have a bank account and that he couldnt wait for Trump to build the wall so people like me would stay out of this country ... (I let him go on without telling him I'm a citizen)

I told him to just give me the $500 and I left as fast as possible. I was afraid he would try to shoot me.

What Would NES do in this situation?
$500 for a 506 job?
Take the money and run
I have had companies stiff me for $10k


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May 3, 2010
North Shore
Had a buddy running a landscaping business. He was up to 4 trucks and crews and lots of equipment. I was running a lawn, farm and garden business and selling/servicing equipment. He came to me for advice since his overhead was killing him and repairs were costing him loads of money. I had many people asking me for advice as to who to hire for their landscaping.

We talked for quite a while and after I asked lots of questions, I laid out a series of things that I thought he should do. It was the end of the season and after all the aggravations of running the business and paying his people and himself a fair wage, he was going to clear about 50K profit for the year after all was said and done.

I told him to buy a list of equipment that I supplied for next year and wait till the first of the year so he could write that off as expense for the next season. I then gave him the tip of lifetime.

"Send a letter to your customers that you are going up in price for their work next year." I had reviewed what he was charging and knew why he was overworked and underpaid. He was not charging enough. I told him to double his price!

I then handed him a list of 12 clients of mine that wanted a landscaper that I would recommend.

"Go see these people, ask them just what they want you to do and ask them additional stuff they may not have thought about. Go home, price everything you can think of for that job and then add in some additional stuff that would make the property look better. Add in wear and tear on the equipment, depreciation on the trucks, fuel and average repairs for the year and take 10% of that and add it to each customer's estimate. When that is done, DOUBLE IT and add 20%!"

He looked at me like I had 3 heads and said, "I'll lose more than half of my customer and have to cut my trucks and equipment in half as well as lay off half of my employees!"

"Right," I said, "and you will be making the same money you did this year with half the overhead. These 12 new customers will be making that whole 50K you made this year." I knew the size of their properties and most were millionaires. Think Manchester by the sea and Eastern Point Gloucester.

He thought about it and came back to me in the spring for the new equipment, I sold him what he needed and my forecast for his income and expenses was on the money. He was working less, making 2 times as much.

I had also advised him that when one of these new customers asked him to do something he hadn't planed on, just smile say sure and do it. He had already figured that into his quote.


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Jun 27, 2008
Dorchester MA / Sullivan County NH
As a much younger man I cut lawns and did clean ups as a side job. I actually did quite well for many years. Most of my customers were nice but I did have some issues. I learned to stay away from people who were price conscience. There was no negotiation.//.
We refused to do "Low Bidder" business.

One would think that the most price conscious buyers would be easily satisfied, since they placed lowest price as their primary purchase criterion. In fact, they are the first to complain. You cannot earn a top-notch service reputation by dealing with them, not to mention you make less profit.

When we sold Silicon Graphics computers, we would deliver them, install them at the desk, install all software and upgrades. One customer insisted on sending out the spec to bid, and complained to SGI that we declined to participate because it was low-bidder. Then they called SGI again to complain that the low-bidder just drop shipped the systems, including memory upgrades, leaving it for them to unbox, setup and upgrade. Then they paid us to come in, set up the systems, install memory and software upgrades, and OS patches. And then complained that it would have been cheaper to buy them from us.....:rolleyes:
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