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Just sent mine.

Here's the message I put in:
Please know that folks back home are PROUD of what you are doing for our safety. My prayers will be with you and your family.
Stay safe, and thank you for what you do.
I said for them to stay safe, and that we appreciate what they're doing. I also used my military rank with my name, and VTARNG (VT Army Guard). The best part is, if they think, they'll know my AKO e-mail address immediately, and then will have someone to converse with, or get answers from (hopefully). They may not have deployed me, but, I've done what I can to help those who have deployed.
Nickle, same could be said for you too.[wink] They may not deploy you and I may not be in still, but I will find a way to do my part.
I may have talked our other son out of being an 11B too. Something to be said for split option. Got him looking into MI.[smile]
Got an update from these guys....just so those who have done it yet can also see it.

There?s big news from the ?Dog Tags? front.

I?m Doug Mills, Executive Director of the Media Research Center.

And I?m proud as punch to tell you that last Thursday night, March 30, over 1,000 conservative leaders gathered in Washington, DC, for the MRC?s annual ?Dishonor Awards? banquet -- roasting the most outrageously biased liberal reporting of the year. And they got the big news.

News of the great outpouring of grassroots support for our ?Fight Media Bias!? campaign, spearheaded by Maj. Gen. John K. Singlaub, U.S.A. (Ret.) to support our troops and expose the bias of our national liberal media elites.

You and our growing ?army? of like-minded patriots have now sent more than 47,465 ?Dog Tags? to our troops in the field!

That?s a great achievement in only a few short weeks. But I don?t need to remind you there are more than 100,000 troops to go. They need to hear from us too.

So we?re opening a ?third front? in this campaign.

(Please click here to support the ?Fight Media Bias!? Dog Tags campaign.)

?Dog Tags? Newspaper Ad

We?ve got patriots nationwide signing dog tags for the troops via direct mail and the internet. Now we?ve got a blockbuster newspaper ad we want to run in every major paper in the country -- starting with the biggest, USA TODAY!

That?s because ?America?s Newspaper? reaches 5.2 million readers.

So this is an outstanding opportunity to help us reach America?s grassroots with a dramatic message.

But we need your financial support to place it. And a full-page ad in USA TODAY costs well over $100,000 ? a day.

In a few seconds, I?ll tell you how you can get a ?sneak preview? of the ad. But first ...

What patriots are telling our troops

Here are some excerpts from the thousands of great messages we?ve forwarded to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan so far. They make it more than worth the hard work and expense we continue to incur:

From a ten-year old, who is ?proud to be an American, and proud of you.?

From a mother whose West Point alumnus son is headed for Iraq. She?s making a donation to support the campaign, despite being ?a widow on Social Security.?

(Please click here to support the Dog Tags campaign.)

Message after message reassures the troops that the biased media coverage of their efforts doesn?t reflect the American people?s true outlook:

?There are many more of your countrymen who support you than you know.?

?The next time I hear some pea-brain say, ?I support our troops, I just don?t support the war,? I will throw up on their shoes!? This from a woman with three sons on active duty, one retired, and a husband who is a veteran of WW II, Korea and Vietnam!

And prayer for our soldiers is a common denominator throughout the messages:

?I pray Psalm 91 for you and your buddies and trust God to deliver you safely home??

And last, but certainly not least, from the Ft. Hood Texas area:

?Our little elderly ladies prayer group prays for all of you??

This outpouring from the grassroots of our great nation is extremely powerful, and it has impressed, encouraged and energized all of us at the Media Research Center ? so much so, in fact, that we believe our campaign is now ready to go to the next level.

A pivotal moment in our nation?s history.

You have a direct stake in the outcome, and the time is now to turn up the heat on those who would tear down our nation?s brave efforts. We have vicious enemies, and I don?t need to remind you that they are not only ?over there? but right here too.

I need you to help the MRC take the ?Fight Media Bias!? campaign to the next level by doing two things today:

** First, get the word out to at least four of your friends. Ask them to join our campaign. Forward them this email today.

** Second, send your financial support. Click here to go to our ?Fight Media Bias!? donation page, where you can also get your ?sneak preview? of the ad we want to run in USA TODAY.

If you have contributed before ?- please give again, today, to help us build our ?war chest? to reach 5.2 million more Americans through an ad in USA TODAY.

And if you haven?t yet offered your financial support to this ?Dog Tags? campaign, please do your part today with a tax-deductible personal or corporate gift.

Remember, besides the additional cost of placing our ad in USA TODAY, the MRC has already spent over $501,418 on the ?Fight Media Bias!? campaign for printing, mailing, e-mailing, internet ads, creating the ?Dog Tags? and packaging and delivering them to troops in harm?s way in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We need your financial support, and your friends?, to say ?Thanks for a job well done? to every one of the 150,000 brave men and women on the front lines.

And let?s not forget why our troops need to hear that message:

Because the liberal media are lying about our nation?s war effort.

The lies and distortions just keep on coming. The media elites are preaching defeatism. They say we must cut and run.

(Please click here to support the Dog Tags campaign.)

Earlier this year, USA TODAY reported prominently that US casualties decreased 26 percent during 2005, but you did not see that in other major media outlets. Could it have been because good news runs counter to their litany of defeatism and woe at every turn?

And this from MSNBC about President Bush?s recent surprise visit to Pakistan:

"He?s coming in [to Pakistan] like a drug dealer. I mean, having to sneak in like that, with the lights off, with the windows slammed shut on the plane. ?MSNBC 3/3/06

What a mean-spirited comment about the President of the United States! Haven?t these ?talking heads? ever heard of basic security in a war zone?

On March 22, The New York Times blasted as ineffectual ?cheerleading? our President?s public advocacy of victory in Iraq. They said it was just a ?tactic? and used words like ?testy? and ?irritation? to describe the President?s honesty.

At about the same time as the Times? blast, the President got a standing ovation in Wheeling West Virginia when he said: ?It seems that our major media networks don?t want to portray the good.?

You probably didn?t read that in most national media outlets either.

But ABC?s Good Morning America did. They almost had to, because their own online poll revealed -- in what they called a ?surprise? -- that ?the vast majority of postings? agreed with the president.

Let?s keep the surprises coming for the liberal media. They need more surprises like that one from West Virginia and GMA?s poll.

(Please click here to support the Dog Tags campaign.)

The people ? we, the people -- know.

We know not to cave in to the media elites? defeatist spin.

Along with the widow on a fixed income who?s making a contribution anyway and the youngster ?proud to be an American,? ? and those who've sent signed "Dog Tags" to 47,465 grateful American soldiers ? let?s renew our commitment to fighting the good fight and seeing this campaign through to a successful conclusion:

A ?Thank You for Your Service to Our Country? Dog Tag for every one of the 150,000 American troops on the front lines!

To help us reach that goal ...

**Get the word out to at least four of your friends. Ask them to join our campaign. Forward them this email today.

**Send your financial support. Click here to go to our ?Fight Media Bias!? donation page, where you can also get your ?sneak preview? of the ad we want to run in USA TODAY.

Thank you!

Doug Mills
Executive Director, Media Research Center

PS ? Major General John K. Singlaub, U.S.A. (Ret.) asked me to pass along his thanks for your support of the ?Fight Media Bias!? campaign, which he has spear-headed with his name, his picture, his noble reputation as a heroic combat leader of American troops, and with his financial support.

Please ?step up? with Gen. Singlaub today and send your contribution. Go to https://www.fightmediabias.org/donation02.asp?source=WDTV024 now. I?ll inform Gen. Singlaub of your support as soon as it?s received.
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