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WTS Hoyt Vicxen Collector's Edition Vicki Cianciarulo Bow, RH

Discussion in 'NES Yard Sale' started by colt_fan, May 14, 2019.

  1. colt_fan

    colt_fan NES Member

    Mar 28, 2008
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    Location: Off of Rt2 between 95 and 495

    Description: Right hand Hoyt Vicxen Collector's Edition Vicki Cianciarulo Bow. I don't remember what the draw is set on it nor the draw weight, but my wife is 5'8". This bow you can change the draw and the pull weight though. It's a complete package if you want your mother, wife, GF, or daughter to get into archery. I've invested a little under $1400 into this setup.


    Ripcord Ace Micro-Adjust Fall Away Arrow Rest
    Axcel AccuHunter Slider Sight
    Topoint Archer Stabilizer 6.5
    6 x Easton Carbon Aftermath 500 Arrows w/field tips
    Outdoor Mountain Products
    TruFire dry fire trigger
    Scott Archery Fox trigger
    MTM Arrow Case

    Selling Terms:


    Contact Information:

    Pictures: 20190513_072407.jpg 20190513_072423.jpg 20190513_072430.jpg 20190513_072438.jpg 20190513_072442.jpg 20190513_072456.jpg 20190513_072515.jpg 20190513_072522.jpg 20190513_072543.jpg 20190513_072610.jpg 20190513_072629.jpg 20190513_072636.jpg 20190513_072644.jpg 20190513_072646.jpg

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