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Sep 17, 2012
Location : Reading, MA

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So when ArmaLite was looking for a design they could license to developing nations who wanted to field an indigenous 5.56 rifle but didn’t have the industrial wherewithal to machine aluminum lowers, they designed the AR18. It’s a short-piston rifle with a folding stock, a standard AR 3-prong brake, and a lot of interesting features... one of which was that it could be made of sheet steel.

Howa in Japan and Sterling in the UK took the bait and started production, with Howa’s fit and finish being far better. They made 3,927 rifles between Oct 1970 and Feb 1974, and this is one of them. -180, rather than -18, merely means it’s not FA. These aren’t common, especially in MA.

You’ve seen this firearm in The Terminator as he fired it one-handed in the police station, and if you’re an Irish guy you’ll know that the IRA LOVED the AR180. It also formed the basis for the SA80. Im getting rid of it because I really am NOT a 5.56 guy, even with a piston. It’s a great rifle. Only wear is to the optic dovetail; I don’t have a mount for it, but if you’re a scope guy there’s an aftermarket mount available out there.

CONS: I only shot it once to zero it, so I can’t vouch for it being able to take steel ammo. That, and mags are hard to find (but not hard to convert from AR15 mags, if you’re handy). I’m providing you with a bunch.

Accessories : 6 mags, but 4 of them are conversions. They work for me, but I won’t warrant them or anything. The factory ones are an unmarked 40-rounder and an ArmaLite 20.

Selling Terms : I really want a trade, but you can buy it if you wish. FTF in MA within 30 miles of Reading or Attleboro. I’m looking for preban AK-type under- or side-folders in good shape, galils, that sort of thing. I also have a weird hankering for a Desert Eagle, depending on the day.

Price : $2,000, which is only slightly more than free-state pricing. Note that the Howas are rarer and nicer than the Sterlings.

Contact Information: PM here.

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