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How many?

Anywheres between 10 and 2000 or more.

Depends on what I'm doing.

Sighting in a hunting gun - 10 rounds.
Just farting around - 25 to 200 rounds.
Day at a MG shoot - 600 to 1000 rounds (not from F/A either).
Group outing - 200 to 2000 or more.
All depends on what I am shooting...

As little as 15-20 if I am shooting bench rest in my bolt gun. As many as 500-600 in my handguns, or when the semi-auto rifles come out of the safe.

I don't usually shoot that much volume every time I go to the range though, but then again, my range is only 1.4 miles drive from my house, so in the summer months, I make it there 3-4 times a week, if only for half an hour.

20-40 rounds of air pistol pellets almost every day except wednesday and saturday.
50-100 rounds 22 Wednesday and Sunday.
Around 50-75 rounds of 38 every other week.
I shoot nothing big.
I shoot everyday. Some days I'll shoot around 4000 rnds.
Average 2500 a day.
About 6 weeks ago I shot 1000 rnds of .45 in 18 minutes.
'Course it's my job.
Depending on what I'm working on it is usually 400-600 rounds or so. When shooting steel I go thru ammo much faster than shooting IPSC targets.
Like most everyone else said it goes by what I bring, and for me what i'm shooting at. I'm i'm at 100 yards doing some precision scoped rifle shooting with my Ruger 204 or Savage 17hmr, i'll go through about 50 to 75 rounds. That includes saving 10 or 20 rounds to shoot at dimes and spent shell casings.
Open sights with an SKS, Mini 14, or M1 Garand at 100 yards, shooting at paper i'll probably shoot around 60 rounds per rifle, usually i'll bring two diferent ones. Bolt actions, i'll probably shoot the same amount.
Then if i'm at 50 yards shooting clays and cans for plinking fun it varies big time. Using my 10/22 i'll blow through about 200 rounds, my Kel Tec Sub 2000, probably about 100 rounds.
It all varies on what I bring and what I wanna shoot at.
I like to think of shooting as "Serving sizes" [smile]

For a bolt-action rifle about 20 is a Serving for that
For a handgun 100 rounds is about one serving
for any .22 anything less than 300 rounds really just rouses my appitite without supplying enugh to bed 'er back down again [laugh]

and I usally go through 2-4 servings per trip. Muliply that by 2-4 if it's one of my trips to a sandpit.


-Weer'd Beard
Usually between 100-300 rounds. Mostly 9mm and .40 although I might use more .223 now with my new black rifle. :)

To me it's mostly dependent on time... I live near a couple convinient ranges that are open late... one being MRA so I often go late in the evenings. Sometimes I just don't have much time... :(
I got to the range three or four times per week and fire about 200-300 rounds of assorted centerfire (depending on what I bring) and another 200-550 rounds of .22.

I almost always bring at least one .22 handgun and one .22 long gun to the range along with whatever else I'm shooting.
my count...

100-500 depends on my goal! 100 rnds in 308 @ 300yrds, or 250+ @ combatrange distance CYA
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when i go shooting at my house in maine, usually like 300 with my ak, 40-80 with the nagant, and if i bring the 10/22 usually 500-1100.

i go shooting with my friend at the range with the mgs, usually no less than 800 rounds. we usually bring the beltfeds out the pkm, rpd, m60.
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