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How do you stay concealed when...

May 2, 2005
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How do you keep your gun concealed when you have to go to the bathroom. IWB or OWB if you need to go into a bathroom stall, and you drop your pants it will be in plain view if someone happens to look under the wall.
Things I have done...
If no one is in the bathroom, I drop my pants, sit down, and unhook my holster and either keep on my lap, or place inside my pant leg.
I have simply unholstered the gun and kept either inside my pant leg or lap.

Just curious how others handle the situation.

When I have to use a bathroom stall, and I am carrying a gun IWB, I undo my belt, pull my pants down to my thighs, reconnect my belt, and spread my knees.

This method keeps the holstered gun out of sight from prying eyes.

If I had an outside the waistband holster, I would unhook it and put it inside my underwear. (This method may not work at all well for those wearing boxers)
I've been trying to track down an article I read about 4or 5 months ago. It was about a cop who dropped his gun while he was dropping his drawers in the bathroom. The gun fired and some guy washing his hands got hit in the leg with tile...

It'd be a lot funnier if I could find the article instead of just relaying it, but it's definitely an example of the wrong way to hold your gun while going to the bathroom.
Gee, do you think that guy might have committed the unpardonable sin of grabbing for his gun as it fell?

Also, it sounds like he may have been carrying holster-less, or using a really flimsy one.
Ankle holsters have never caught on with me -- too difficult to draw from on the q.t., can't easily carry a gun of any size, and makes me walk lopsided.

Having said all of that, if I ever decided ankle carry was for me, I would spend the money and get a Mitch Rosen a/h.
UGH Ankle holsters just feel all wrong. Almost want to strap ankle weights on the other side just to balance out. Doesn't matter how small a gun either.

As for the bathroom, I try to avoid needing a #2 while out (more for sanitary reasons than firearms ones) But on the few incidents I did need it...

I used the Handicap stall. And in that stall there was the baby changing table. Perfect place to lay down one of those seat covers and rest the pistol while taking care of business and right in reach.

If I was stuck in a more cramped stall, I'd just undo the belt to the largest hole (I'm currently on the smallest or second smallest) and then pull only to my knees. Call this the Asian Squatter position. Is also useful (although practice is recommended) for really grimy facilities and when traveling in India where you are lucky if there is a stable place to stand in some cases. I should not perhaps describe the method of waste management on Indian trains....

At any rate.... make sure your holster has a really good retention and doesn't rely on the support of the belt to aid in holding the gun. Oh, and don't drop it into that blue stuff people stick in toilets - I've seen the result of that (not to mine) and it ruined the finish.
I hate to say it guys, but the Scots had it right- if you would just wear kilts you wouldn't have any of these problems

SiameseRat said:
I hate to say it guys, but the Scots had it right- if you would just wear kilts you wouldn't have any of these problems


The sporran(the furry pouch) does make for good concealed carry. If I had been carrying at my wedding last year it would have been easy. :) I find it gets a bit drafty walking around Portland though.

That's what my wife has been trying to convince me to do as well. Personally, I think I'll pass on a leather kilt, the wool was hot enough.

If I'd known Utilikilts were such suitable attire I'd have worn mine to Riverside. On second thought, Chris's "slow roll while shooting the poppers" string might have shown you all a whole new side of me. [shock]
KMaurer said:
Then again, they might have agreed, but insisted on having bagpipes as well. [wink]


There are so many non family friendly responses that popped into my head but I'm going to try to maintain a G rating at the moment [wink]
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