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Nov 18, 2005
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I want to touch up the "Walther P99" portion of my P99...Make the gold stand out better,
as it's worn down a bit from holstering, cleaning, etc.
How do I do this neatly without getting gold all over the place?...Any help is appreciated.
If there is something you are planing on useing, use it with something real thin but not hard (needles, saftey pins). Maybe a paint of some sort and a tooth pick. Be carefull on what you do use, I find most paint's will come off with basic gun cleaners.
Cross-X said:
I guess you are not interested in the tried and true slather-it-on, quickly-wipe-off-the-excess-paint method, are you?

That was my first thought too!
You could do it kindergarten craft style. Use a metallic gold crayola. It should stick in the grooves when you rub it across. Though I don't know how easy it will be to clean it off the barrel.
Somebody did some sort of stand-out work on the rear sights of my mosin Nagant.

I thought I read it was done with some sort of powder treatment.

it's there somewhere I'm just too lazy.

But the idea of slathering then wiping off some sort of liquid sounds like a good idea.

remember when you clean up afterwords the only thing that will be on the gun will be in the engravings.

Please post pics in the gun gallery after the project is done (before and after) I bet it'll look wicked badass if it comes out the way you hope.


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Thanks for the tips guys...I think I'll go with the slather and wipe method. No time today, but will definitely post pics in the gallery when done. Thanks again.
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