How are you carrying full-size .45s?

Oct 14, 2022
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I have a full-size .45 I’ve been carrying in a Holster King holster. I need something more comfortable and controllable for IWB carry. I’ve heard good things about Crossbreed, I mainly want to know the difference between single belt loop and double belt loop holsters. Are the leather/kydex combination holsters that much bulkier than the others?

IWB. N82 holster. Single belt clip, which was my main requirement. I like the single clip about 256% more than any double-secured design.

I went through the usual Crossbreed-Aliengear designs before settling on the N82. Shoulda saved my money and gone straight to the Nate.
I’ve got a S&W 3” 686+ I’d love to carry but the damn thing is a friggin brick. It’s like 2.5 lbs. which at this stage of my game is a non starter as far as a carry gun goes. Any decent holster will suffice for a 1911 (or any heavy piece) as long as you don’t cheap out!
It's impossible to find shoulder holsters that fit a CZ97B.

Love mine.

Love mine.
I bought one from Falco (not Galco) that looked just like that and it was way too big - too much loose play. It was a nightmare trying to return it to Slovakia.
I use a Cross breed Inside at 4 o'clock S&W scandium frame 1911, it's lighter that my Sig .40 (there, I said it, a .40)
Belt I got from Duluth Trading and it is thick!
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