How about a hunting forum?


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Mar 13, 2005
Starksboro, VT
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How about a forum for hunting questions?

Or should that go under something like General, or for questions on guns, Equipment?


I third that. I think that it should be it's own forum, because I see us talking a lot about more things than just hunting equipment
I don't have the ability to do that (I don't think), so unless Len or Brent know (or can) it may have to wait until Derek or Tony gets back. I'll make this a sticky tho so it stays at the top of the list.
Scratch that...I can't find the "make sticky" button. [roll] Since I pushed the red button, Derek won't tell me how to do anything. [lol] [wink]
Mods don't have the power to do that. Only Site Admin can change the format/emoticons/etc. of a forum and only Derek has that power. So we better be nice to him when he returns. [lol]

However, I'm going to move this thread to "Tech Supt" as it is the closest thing we have for requesting changes in format of the forums. I will leave a "shadow" here (I think I can do that) so that clicking on the title in GD will transfer you over to the new location.
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