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Aug 24, 2005
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I don't know how many of you have their own domain to store and host your pics on, and how many of you use things like hunt101.

Those of you who like to post pics might want to look at .

This hosting company is great. I've been using them for about a year to upload my pics, and the vids that I post and other stuff that I want backed up. It comes with all kind of software (including a forum). I just discovered that they now offer to host your own domain for $4.95/mo. This includes GOBS of space and bandwidth, and free domain registration.

I used them for my forum until I shut it down becasuse of too much competition from this one ! [crying]

Check out the link. I'd rather pay the $5/mo than rely on those free picture places that scrap your pics after a certain amount of time.

I highly recommend them.
I've been using PowWeb for a couple of years now to host my pictures and other junk, plus run several web sites. They charge $7.77 a month, but are always running some special, such as giving you an extra year or more free when you pay for 2 years up front. They include domain registration, plus a lot of stuff beyond most basics, like SSL, PHP-Nuke, MySQL, shopping carts, Wordpress, etc. For a one time payment of $20, I can also point additional domain names to my directory space for multiple web sites.

Most cable/internet providors give you a certain amount of server space for a personal website, photo storage, etc.

I have 25mb of space with my Comcast account that I use solely for hosting pics.

I figure I'm already paying for it, so why not use it.
I have Verizon and forgot about the space they "give". It's 1gig and I've yet to utilize it.
Edit: And I never will use it. The 1 gig is for a $17.95 a month fee! Guess I should have read more. I do get 20 megs of free space.
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I use

20,000 MB storage space
500 GB file transfer
30 Day Money Back
$10 Domain Registration

$3.95/mo for the Bronze plan if you sign up for 24 months. The amount of
traffic and storage you get for this is better than I found anywhere else for
the money. It is also a pretty good outfit. The amount of slow times and
down times are few and far between. I would highly recommend it. The
down side is if you need some of the packages for BB's and stuff like that.
It's only available with the more expensive plans.

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