Hornady Critical Defense M1 Carbine Meets Pumpkins


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Aug 29, 2008
South Shore, MA
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Got a case/brick (10 boxes) of Hornady Critical Defense for the M1 carbine, still 110 gr. but 2000fps, hollow point with FTX. Brought son, both carbines, 50 rounds, and two of the four remaining pumpkins in my stash. They are keeping quite well in the 50 degree garage. Shot from the bench at 50 yards, 37 degrees and overcast with little wind. My first shot (matched IBM) blew a two-inch hole straight through the pumpkin and the second amputated the stalk. Finished one magazine, and then walked about 1/2 way down the range and shot off hand. With the last 10 rounds the first shot blew the pumpkin off the berm and then I chased it around on the ground with the last nine, blowing hunks off it as it rolled around, much to my son's amazement.

He shot his 25 benched at 50 resting on a block. His first shot was dead center with the mixmaster Winchester. I think he missed only eight or so of the 25. Easily the best shoot he has had. He looks a little funny in the picture as he just realized he was squatting in mud and getting his sneakers dirty.[rolleyes]

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