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WTT Home built ar-15 for pistol

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Jul 22, 2012
I built my buddy an ar about a year ago.he has shot it once at the range and he does not like it and he's a gun owner who believes there is no need to own an ar.hes looking to trade the rifle for a pistol.said he's looking for a 9mm.he will meet at an ffl probably four seasons he shops there a lot.pm with offers and if he likes the offer I will give you his number or I can give him your number and you guys can set up a meeting time at an ffl.i will have pictures on when he sends me some.16" 1:7 twist,5.56,parked hand guard with combat rail.magpul flip up sites,mil spec stock pinned,flattop upper with a bushmaster bcg I believe.has a aggressive muzzle brake with spikes on the barrel.comes with 2 preban 30 orlite poly mags. His number is 5083043476 his name is Igor text or call.sorry for not answering anyone way to many people

edit****orginialy he was looking for a 9mm but open to all guns now.he wants something out of the ordinary not a basic handgun is what he said.thanks
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