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Henry Rifles


Dec 7, 2005
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a guy just e mailed me to tell me about this site as I am looking for some reloads. He asked about the Henry Rifle. This is what I told him.

The Henry is the best lever action that you can buy. I have shot all of the american made levers in various calibers and without doubt this handles and shoots the best. My boy was hitting 6" shots with iron sights,at 100 yrds right out of the box. full power .44 mag 240 grain winchester loads. I picked it up and ran 50 round thru it and was punching holes in the holes. The wieght of the rifle reduces recoil and its action is smooth.


Are we a SASS guy??

And the only thing about the Henery is that loading button. If you're not used to it, as you start to get down to the last few rounds it can mess you up. If you have your hand gripped down too much, the spring will catch up on your hand and cause some misfeeds.

But yes, it's a good rifle.
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